San Diego County
A Bicyclist's Paradise


Bicyclists pause at scenic La Jolla Cove at 11:55 AM on November 30, 2005.

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Mild weather all year round.
Varied terrain, from flat to mountainous.
Bike lanes on most of the newer highways, and on many of the older ones.
Major organized bike rides.
Bicycle-friendly mass transit.
Local bicycle clubs.
Local bicycle education and advocacy organizations.
Bicycle velodrome in Balboa Park.
Bicycle shops and other bicycle businesses.
Separated bike paths.

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Bicycle News and Notes

The 2018 San Diego Region Bike Map is available online. Go to http://www.icommutesd.com/Bike/BikeMap.aspx and navigate to "Bike to Work". Printed copies may also be available at some bike shops and other locations.

Scanned topographic maps for San Diego, Orange, Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are available online at www.efghmaps.com. These are public domain images in GIF format with no restrictions on use.

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