Philip Erdelsky's Map Page

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NEW! Scanned topographic maps for San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Riverside Counties downloaded from the California Spatial Information Library and cleaned up slightly, have been posted to a new Web site at

The images are still available on CD-ROM. For details E-mail the webmaster at pje@efgh.com.

An assortment of maps, compiled from USGS Geological Survey Topographic Maps and other public-domain sources, and posted here for your use. Except where noted otherwise, these are public-domain maps. You can download them and use them for any lawful purpose without permission or royalties. However, a simple acknowledgement would be appreciated.

Maps will be added from time to time.

Street maps of parts central San Diego, showing all streets and alleys:

A topographic map of most of the North Park district of San Diego, updated to show the newly-completed California Highway 15 through East San Diego. Click here.

A street map of Coronado. Click here.

A street map of Holtville, a small town in the Imperial Valley. Click here.

An outline map of San Diego County, showing the main roads and county boundaries. May be used as a background or base for more detailed and specialized maps. Click here.

Two topographic maps of Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego, showing all riding, hiking and mountain biking trails. Click here for portion north of Mission Gorge Road. Click here for Cowles Mountain portion. Although these maps are copyrighted, you may download them and print them out them for personal use.

A topographic map of Mule Hill and San Pasqual Valley Trails. Click here.

A topographic map of Piedras Pintadas Trail and nearby trails. Click here.

A topographic map of North Shore Lake Hodges Trail and nearby trails. Click here.

A topographic map of Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area. Click here.

A topographic map of Torrey Pines State Reserve. Click here.

A topographic map of the area around Oakzanita Peak. Click here.

A topographic map of Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve. Click here.

I lead monthly hikes in San Diego County. Recently, I have been surveying our hikes and posting maps. Here they are:

For information on the next monthly hike, check efgh.com/hike.

Topographic maps of the Sea to Sea Trail, a 140-mile riding and hiking trail from the Pacific Ocean to the Salton Sea. CAUTION: Some of these maps are out-of-date and do not show the current location of the trail. Click here.