How to Use the Directory of North Park Businesses

This is NOT a commercial website. None of the businesses have paid to be listed; and ALL recognizable businesses are listed.

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What the Directory Includes

This list of businesses has been compiled by literally walking the streets. What you see is, for the most part, what local businesses display on their walls, doors and windows.

Some non-business organizations, such as churches and government agencies, are also listed. Residential buildings are NOT listed, even where they are surrounded by businesses.

The area covered is bounded approximately by Meade Ave. on the north, Dwight St. on the south, Interstate 805 on the east, and Oregon Street on the west. This is not the entire North Park area, but it does include most of the businesses. The area may be expanded a bit in the future, but it's about all one person can cover.

The Street Pages

Every street in the covered area (except exclusively residential streets) has its own web page, with a convenient link from the "Business" page.

Bring up a street web page, and you'll see a crude but informative map of the street, with the north or east end of the street at the top of the screen. Scroll the page down to go north or east; scroll the page up to go south or west.

Businesses are listed in their approximate locations on both sides of the street. If you see a business that interests you, just click on its name. You'll see a section of the page devoted to that business alone. To return to the street, just click on the address. The map should be positioned with the business visible.

Cross streets are shown in their correct locations. A small traffic light icon will appear next to the steet name if the intersection has a traffic light. If the cross street has a web page, you can bring it up by clicking on its name. The map should be positioned with the intersection visible.

Business Listed by Type of Business

Cruising the streets can be a hard way to find the business you're looking for, even if you're only scrolling a web page.

Therefore, the "Business" web page also has a classified section.

  1. Click on the type of business you want, and you'll see a list of businesses of that type.
  2. Click on the particular business, and you'll see the information for that business.
  3. Click on the address, and you'll see where the business is.

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