California Highway 78

November 13, 2001 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

California Highway 78 begins in Oceanside and runs east approximately 214 miles to a junction with Interstate Highway 10 in Blythe, about seven miles west of the Colorado River.

The westernmost 17.6 miles of California Highway 78 is a freeway. An exit list appears on the San Diego California Freeway Exit List page.

The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on the part of California Highway 78 that is not a freeway.

miles from west end left (for eastbound traveler) control right (for eastbound traveler) remarks
17.6Broadwaytraffic lightCalifornia Highway 78 EAST, BroadwayLincoln Pkwy straight ahead
17.8Mission Avetraffic lightMission Ave 
18.0California Highway 78 EAST, Washington Avetraffic lightWashington Ave 
19.0Ash Sttraffic lightCalifornia Highway 78 EAST, Ash St 
19.2Valley Pkwytraffic lightValley Pkwy 
19.4Grand Avetraffic lightGrand Ave 
20.3Idaho Avetraffic lightIdaho Ave 
21.1Bear Valley Pkwytraffic lightBear Valley Pkwy 
23.0Cloverdale Rdtraffic lightSan Pasqual Rd 
24.2Wild Animal Park   
25.1  Old Milky Way (formerly Old Pasqual Rd) 
25.6San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park   
27.4  Bandy Canyon Rd 
33.8Haverford Rd   
35.5California Highway 78 EAST, Main Sttraffic lightCalifornia Highway 67 SOUTH, Main St10th St straight ahead
36.3Third St Third St 
37.1Magnolia Ave   
41.2  Rancho Santa Teresa Dr 
41.8Sutherland Dam Rd   
42.5  Rancho Santa Teresa Dr 
44.9  Old Julian Highway 
50.7California Highway 79 NORTH, Washington St Washington St 
51.7  Inaja Memorial Park 
53.8Wynola Rd   
56.4  Pine Hills Rd 
57.4Main Stfour-way stopCalifornia Highway 78 EAST, California Highway 79 
57.6  California Highway 79 SOUTH, Cuyamaca Hwy 
59.7Wynola Rd   
64.1Banner Store   
65.2 cattle guard  
68.8  San Diego County Highway S2 SOUTH, Great Southern Overland Stage Route of 1849 
69.1San Diego County Highway S2 NORTH, San Felipe Rd   
69.2   Pacific Crest Trail crossing
69.9 cattle guard  
70.4   Enter Anza Borrego Desert State Park
75.8San Diego County Highway S3 NORTH, Yaqui Pass Rd   
84.4Borrego Springs Rd   
90.9  Split Mountain Rd 
94.0   Imperial County Line
107.1California Highway 86 NORTHstop (eastbound only)California Highway 78 EAST, California Highway 86 SOUTH 
122.9Imperial County Highway S30 NORTH, South Center Stfour-way stopImperial County Highway S30 SOUTH, South Center StDowntown Westmoreland
128.8   New River
129.3Rio Vista Avetraffic lightRio Vista Ave 
129.6Western Avetraffic lightWestern Ave 
129.7S First Sttraffic lightCalifornia Highway 86 SOUTH, S First St 
130.3California Highway 111 NORTH, Imperial County Highway S31 NORTHtraffic lightImperial County Highway S31 SOUTH 
130.4   railroad grade crossing
131.5Best Rdfour-way stopCalifornia Highway 111 SOUTH, Best Rd 
134.0   Alamo River
135.1Wiest RdCalifornia Highway 115 SOUTH, Wiest Rd  
137.4California Highway 78 EASTstop (westbound only) California Highway 115 SOUTH straight ahead
139.5Butters Rd Imperial County Highway S32 SOUTH, Butters Rd 
142.3Green Rd Imperial County Highway S33 SOUTH, Green Rd 
143.7   East Highline Canal
150.5   Coachella Canal
157.2   Glamis
157.4   railroad grade crossing
157.6  Ted Kipf Rd 
169.6  Imperial County Highway S34 SOUTH, Ogilby Rd 
172.0   photograph
172.6Imperial Gables Rd Black Mountain Rd 
173.7   Border Patrol inspection station
185.8Milpitas Wash Rd   
185.9  Walters Camp Rd 
187.7  3 Slashes Rd 
197.4  Clark Way RdPalo Verde
197.8   Riverside County Line
200.8unmarked dirt road California Highway 78 EAST, 32nd Ave 
202.1California Highway 78 EAST, Rannels Blvdfour-way stopRannels Blvd 
204.128th Avefour-way stopCalifornia Highway 78 EAST, 28th Ave 
207.1California Highway 78 EAST, Neighbours Blvdfour-way stopNeighbours Blvd 
208.5   railroad grade crossing
210.720th Ave 20th Ave 
213.9Interstate Highway 10 WESTinterchangeInterstate Highway 10 EASTend of California Highway 78, photograph