County Highway S1

May 24, 2002 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

County Highway S1 begins at a junction with California Highway 94 at Cameron Corner. It runs north about 20 miles on Buckman Springs Road, west about 3 miles on Old Highway 80, and north about 23 miles on Sunrise Highway to its end at a junction with California Highway 79.

Sunrise Highway is one of the best scenic drives in San Diego County.

The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on County Highway S1:

miles from south end left (for northbound traveler) control right (for northbound traveler) remarks
0.0California Highway 94 WESTstop (southbound only)California Highway 94 EASTCounty Highway S1 begins
1.4Lake Morena Dr   
4.5Oak Drive   
6.4   cross Cottonwood Creek and Pacific Crest Trail, photograph
6.6Corral Canyon Rd 17S04   
9.4Old Buckman Springs Rd   
9.8County Highway S1 NORTH, Old Highway 80 WESTfour-way stopOld Highway 80 EASTstraight ahead is interchange with Interstate Highway 8 and rest stop, photograph
10.6Old Buckman Springs Rd   
13.6 cattle guard  
13.8Interstate Highway 8 WESTinterchangeInterstate Highway 8 EASTphotograph
13.9 cattle guard  
13.9Old Highway 80 WEST   
19.0 cattle guard  
19.2  Meadows Information Station 
20.7 cattle guard  
20.7  Kitchen Creek Rd 
21.9  Morris Ranch Rd 
22.7  Thing Valley Rd 
23.1  Burnt Rancheria Campground 
23.2Mount Laguna Dr Mount Laguna Dr 
23.5Los Huecos Rd   
23.8  Desert View Picnic Grounds 
25.0Laguna Fire Station   
25.8Horse Heaven Campground   
26.3Laguna/El Prado Campground Foster Lodge 
26.4Al Bahr Shrine Camp  photograph
27.3 cattle guard  
27.3   Penney Pines parking area
28.0Pine Creek Rd   
28.7 cattle guard  
29.3  Pioneer Mail Trailhead 
30.3  Kwaaymii Pt 
34.9La Cima Fire Center   
35.9California Riding and Hiking Trail Pedro Fages Trail historical marker, California Riding and Hiking Trail 
36.1 formerly cattle guard, removed in 2005 formerly California Riding and Hiking Trail, photograph
37.5Highway 79 SOUTHstop (northbound only)Highway 79 NORTHCountry Highway S1 ends, photograph