Mountain Biking Around Poway

Poway, California

August 8, 2010

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Bicycles are permitted on all the multiple-use trails of Poway, except those inside the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

Trail maps are available, but they are of limited use because they show only the approximate locations of most trails. To find out exactly where the trails are, you have to explore. But at least they tell you where to look.

In some places, a riding and hiking trail is marked by a wooden post with images of a footprint and a horseshoe burned into its top.

There are many trail signs, but they are not complete. Many of them lack the trail name. Some trails are marked only by "no motor vehicles" signs or signs giving the names of volunteers who maintain them.

This is a twelve-mile ride around northern Poway, mostly on unpaved trails, and including some of the most scenic trails.


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