Bicycles on the San Diego Trolley


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As of June 12, 2001, permits are no longer required to take your bicycle aboard the San Diego Trolley. Other restrictions still apply.

Taking Your Bicycle onto the Trolley

If you are at least 16 years old, you can take your bike aboard the San Diego Trolley at any time, even during rush hour.

During rush hours (6-9 AM and 3-6 PM on weekdays) only one bicycle is allowed on each trolley car. At other times, two bicycles are allowed on each trolley car.

Buy a regular trolley ticket or pass. No additional fare is required for your bicycle.

You must enter through the rear door of a trolley car and stand with your bicycle next to the rear driver's cab. Hold your bicycle with one hand and hang onto a pole with the other hand.

Before reaching your destination, turn your bicycle toward the exit door, so you can make a quick, graceful exit when the trolley stops. In almost every case, you may exit to the right. You must exit to the left from eastbound Orange Line trolleys at 32nd and Commercial. (You must also exit to the left at the ends of the Blue Line, but you'll have plenty of time because the trolley will stop for a while.)

In a few cases, the exit door may be blocked by a wheelchair lift. In that case, walk your bike carefully along the aisle to the nearest available exit door.

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Last revised on July 2, 2001.